M&M Chocolate Yorkies


We’re expecting!! 😊

Puppies are on the way! Tangie and Macho Man will have puppies around the first week of December. They should give us Traditional (Black and Tan), Sable and/or Chocolate. Would appreciate prayers for mommie and babies. The Eboni ordeal has me paranoid. 😢. Also, Hunnie Bunny and Macho Man are expecting babies towards the end of December. This will be Hunnie Bunny’s second litter. Her first litter gave us some gorgeous Traditional babies. I can’t wait to see these! Again, I would appreciate prayers for her and her precious babies. Just a little update for y’all. 😊

How much is that doggie??

Eboni Mar 2012f

I’ve gone back and forth on whether to post this. After all, breeding Yorkies is and should be all fun and happy smiles, right?? A lot of puppy inquiries we get begin with “How much?” You know what?? That’s a loaded question!! Here’s a question for anyone who cares to read further. How much do you think they’re worth? We invest our very HEARTS into our Yorkies! Our HEARTS! And when we lose one, it hurts!!! 😢. It’s 1:45 am Wednesday morning, as I’m writing this post. Monday night, we lost our Eboni, after fighting for several days to save her. Eboni took a part of our HEARTS with her. Raising Yorkies is not always fun. Sometimes it just plain hurts! “How much are your Yorkies?” you ask?? So much more goes into our response to that question than you’ll ever know. We may give you a dollar figure, but our hearts say “So much!!!” Rainbow Bridge is so much brighter right now. Our Eboni has crossed over it. I hope you don’t mind that I’ve shared a tiny piece of our HEART that goes into our Yorkies. 💔😥💔

March 27, 2016 – Eight is enough…


If you follow my Facebook page for our Yorkies, you’ll know by now that our Blonde Chocolate girl, Blondie, recently had our largest litter ever….eight little babies.  Blondie and Macho Man were only bred twice, so one (or both) of them is pretty fertile!

Some would say, wow, how lucky or blessed you are.  Honestly, I don’t see it that way.  I much prefer three or four in a litter.  Why?  For the mom’s sake.  Blondie got so huge when she was pregnant!  Then, later in the pregnancy, I noticed her gums were really pale.  My vet treated her for anemia and her gums pinked back up.  The other reason I prefer a smaller litter?  For my sake.  This is a job!  On top of feeding Blondie lots of extra calcium rich foods, I also have to supplement the puppies, especially the three tiny puppies.  I’m determined they’re gonna make it!  One good thing I have going for me is Hunny Bunny has a two week old litter, so she is an awesome surrogate.  I’m letting the tinies have extra nursings on her.

I’ve had several inquiries on available puppies.  I do have a waiting list and am waiting a little bit to see how the puppies turn out.  I’ll know later which ones will be available and will post them.

Thanks for reading my rant.  Have a very blessed Easter everybody!

March 14, 2016 – Speaking of tails…


I was just accused of not docking the tail of one of the puppies we sold recently.  If you have bought a puppy from us, I’m sure you’ve noticed by now that I leave the tails longer.  In fact, some of you have told me that you prefer it longer.  In many countries like Germany, Italy, Australia, and others, it is illegal to dock Yorkie tails.  I really wish the United States would ban it.  But, until then, I will continue to dock, as required by AKC.

I’ve said all of that to make future buyers aware that I do leave the tails longer.  If you prefer the short, stubby tail and it’s that important to you, I’m sure there are breeders out there that can accommodate you.  😉  Until next time…..  🙃

March 13, 2016 – It’s a bittersweet day….

People who really know us know that our Yorkies are much more than our pets….they’re our kids.  Allen and I were never blessed with human kids, so we’ve adopted fur kids through the years. Yes, we are Yorkie breeders, but they’re still our kids.

Our girls are are not bred beyond five years old. And obviously, we can’t become animal hoarders.  So, if I feel our retired Yorkies can adjust and fit in with another family, we look for their furever  home.


Today, Gypsy went to her furever  home.  Gypsy was our first Parti girl. She has produced some beautiful babies. Three of them are on our Adult Females page….Bitsee, Jazzee and Minnie Mouse.  I remember the day Gypsy arrived by airplane. She jumped right out of the crate into my arms, not a nervous bone in her body.  That’s the kind of temperament and personality she has thrown off to her babies. That’s the kind of temperament we want in our puppies.

Gypsy traveling to her new home

Thank you, Sharon, for inviting Gypsy into your home, and for loving her even before you met her.  I already miss her, but I feel at peace, knowing where she is and knowing I’ll get to keep up with her.

Kit Kat

Since I’ve just started my blog, I also have to include Kit Kat (we called her Kitty Kat).  Kitty Kat was our first AKC Chocolate Yorkie. She, also, had that sweet personality and temperament that we strive for.  Her daughter, Hunny Bunny, will continue her line.  Kitty Kat went to her furever home about three months ago and is living like a little princess. She sleeps with her new mommie, has spa days, and I could just keep going. 😍  We get pictures and updates regularly. Thank you, Ms Betty, for giving Kitty Kat her wonderful furever home. And, thank you, Gena, for referring us to Ms Betty.  You made all of our dreams come true. 😊

If you have a puppy from Kit Kat or Gypsy, would you please comment below and share updates and pictures?  Stories would be great!  I would love to see them!  😍 Thanks!



Welcome to Becky’s Yorkie Tails

Hi.  Welcome to my blog.  I’ll be honest with you, I’ve never blogged before!  😉   So, this should be interesting. Obviously, most of my posts will pertain to our Yorkies.  So….let’s get started!  😊🐶