Available Yorkie Puppies

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(UPDATED 9/1/2017)

NOTE: It is sad that this Disclaimer needs to be posted, but in the world of dog breeding, there are breeders who will stop at nothing to hinder other breeders’ sales. Because of that, we would ask that if you are contacted by anyone who speaks negatively about our Yorkies or our breeding program, please contact us and allow us to share the truth with you before you make the decision of whether or not you will buy from us. Also, if you read anything negative about our breeding program online, please allow us to share the truth with you. There’s an old saying that goes “it’s a dog-eat-dog world”. Unfortunately, certain breeders bring that saying to life. NOW – on to the positive! Please enjoy checking out both our available puppies and past puppies! 🙂


Due to health issues, M & M Yorkies will no longer be breeding.  We have no Yorkies available.  Thanks to all of you who have bought from us and supported us over the years. You will always be our family. Please feel free to share updates on our Facebook page.  We will keep this website up and going for awhile longer.  😘