How much is that doggie??

Eboni Mar 2012f

I’ve gone back and forth on whether to post this. After all, breeding Yorkies is and should be all fun and happy smiles, right?? A lot of puppy inquiries we get begin with “How much?” You know what?? That’s a loaded question!! Here’s a question for anyone who cares to read further. How much do you think they’re worth? We invest our very HEARTS into our Yorkies! Our HEARTS! And when we lose one, it hurts!!! 😢. It’s 1:45 am Wednesday morning, as I’m writing this post. Monday night, we lost our Eboni, after fighting for several days to save her. Eboni took a part of our HEARTS with her. Raising Yorkies is not always fun. Sometimes it just plain hurts! “How much are your Yorkies?” you ask?? So much more goes into our response to that question than you’ll ever know. We may give you a dollar figure, but our hearts say “So much!!!” Rainbow Bridge is so much brighter right now. Our Eboni has crossed over it. I hope you don’t mind that I’ve shared a tiny piece of our HEART that goes into our Yorkies. 💔😥💔

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