March 27, 2016 – Eight is enough…


If you follow my Facebook page for our Yorkies, you’ll know by now that our Blonde Chocolate girl, Blondie, recently had our largest litter ever….eight little babies.  Blondie and Macho Man were only bred twice, so one (or both) of them is pretty fertile!

Some would say, wow, how lucky or blessed you are.  Honestly, I don’t see it that way.  I much prefer three or four in a litter.  Why?  For the mom’s sake.  Blondie got so huge when she was pregnant!  Then, later in the pregnancy, I noticed her gums were really pale.  My vet treated her for anemia and her gums pinked back up.  The other reason I prefer a smaller litter?  For my sake.  This is a job!  On top of feeding Blondie lots of extra calcium rich foods, I also have to supplement the puppies, especially the three tiny puppies.  I’m determined they’re gonna make it!  One good thing I have going for me is Hunny Bunny has a two week old litter, so she is an awesome surrogate.  I’m letting the tinies have extra nursings on her.

I’ve had several inquiries on available puppies.  I do have a waiting list and am waiting a little bit to see how the puppies turn out.  I’ll know later which ones will be available and will post them.

Thanks for reading my rant.  Have a very blessed Easter everybody!

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