March 14, 2016 – Speaking of tails…


I was just accused of not docking the tail of one of the puppies we sold recently.  If you have bought a puppy from us, I’m sure you’ve noticed by now that I leave the tails longer.  In fact, some of you have told me that you prefer it longer.  In many countries like Germany, Italy, Australia, and others, it is illegal to dock Yorkie tails.  I really wish the United States would ban it.  But, until then, I will continue to dock, as required by AKC.

I’ve said all of that to make future buyers aware that I do leave the tails longer.  If you prefer the short, stubby tail and it’s that important to you, I’m sure there are breeders out there that can accommodate you.  😉  Until next time…..  🙃

6 Responses to March 14, 2016 – Speaking of tails…

  • I love your puppies tails, thank you for leaving them a little longer it make them look more balanced. Maybe some day the Yorkie Club of America will vote to not dock tails.

  • Becky I have Two of your dogs and have no problem with their tails. I do not dock any of my Yorkies tails as it is a cruelty to the pup. None of my parents have complained or even mentioned it they just accept it like it is. I’m sure things will change in the states eventually the sooner the better…Anna is from Charlene her tail is not docked( Black and Tan ),her tail is beautiful.

  • Becky I think the longer tail is so much beautiful. The short tails are so hard to clean them. I have a BFF that has one of your babies and she is absolutely stunning and her tail is PERFECT. America will come around. Keep doing what you do Miss Becky, your babies speak volumes.

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